At Sky Parlor Salon We Pride Ourselves on Being Different.

When our team began working together we couldn’t have been a more diverse group of people, but we all had one thing in common: we wanted to work in the best Raleigh Hair Salon and we wanted to see a big change in the beauty industry. As someone who is not a stylist, I explained to the staff how nerve-wracking going to a hair salon can be!

My salon visits in the past had been scary, confusing, and even, dare I say, traumatic. “What if they cut my hair too short?”, “what if they don’t quite understand what I want?”, “what if I go home and I can’t remotely recreate what they did and I look like a giant poodle for the next 6-8 weeks?” Any of these sound familiar?

I’m going to venture out and say at least one of those rang true. We’ve all had bad haircuts, most of us have had a hair coloring experience that left us in tears, most of us have had mornings where we have completely understood why Britney Spears broke down and shaved her head back in 2007. When I told the stylists how awful and perplexing it can be as a client, they were all shocked! They thought, “why would someone cut too much of your hair off?” and “why would someone color your hair a completely different color than what you asked for?”. So, what reasons did we come up with for why these things happen? Poor client consultation, lack of effective communication, and overpromising results.

So what does this mean for our clients? It means that listening to your hair wants and needs is our number one priority.

If you would like a particular cut, but also mention you have four kids, we understand it is our responsibility to communicate with you if that cut might not be the most practical choice for you if it requires a lot of styling time. If your hair is as dark as night and you want to be blonde, it is our duty to be 100% honest with you instead of telling you what you want to hear.

Telling you what you want to hear and just “doing it” might leave you with very blonde hair that feels like straw, but it’s blonde right? No. I can guarantee if you’d known your hair would feel awful and potentially break off you might not have been too keen on blonde anymore. We understand our obligation, as professionals, to explain to you the steps it will require to achieve your desired look while keeping your hair healthy.

When you come to Sky Parlor Salon, know that we do want you to leave happy with your hair, but we also want you to be happy with it for the months to come. We invite you to come in, have a complimentary beer/wine/soda on us, relax and leave the rest to us. If you’re looking for a laugh, we have plenty to go around, if you need peace and quiet, we know when to just leave you be, and if you’re looking for hair that looks great even when we’re not around, this is the place to be.

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