Audrey brings a new flair and a fresh new feeling to Sky Parlor Salon.  Being from Anaheim CA,  her love of the arts has taken her from being a classically trained violinist, to top of her class in cosmetology school. After graduating from cosmetology school, Audrey searched for her salon home and fell right into place at Sky Parlor! Audrey has a great determination for doing a superb job as well has having a very visual imagination which gives her the ability to see exactly what she wants to do with each hairstyle. Outside of the salon, Audrey loves to go to the mountains and snuggle up with her cat in a cabin while watching Grey's Anatomy! Audrey is always looking to make the world a better place by offering kindness in every aspect of her life and she credits her love of people as the reason that she is able to express her creativity through doing hair.
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Audrey Pruitt CTA

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