Doing the Right Thing: Why We Have Switched to Gender-free Pricing

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“I’d like a men’s haircut.” “I need a women’s cut and color, please.” For decades, this is how we’ve all had to make hair appointments. First, we identify our gender. Then, we select the services we need.

Here at Sky Parlor Salon, we’re throwing that old, antiquated system out the window. We’re moving to a gender-free service model. Our pricing will be based strictly on the amount of time you spend sitting in our stylist’s chair getting that perfect cut or amazing color. We believe this is a much more equitable and inclusive approach, because let’s face it – hair has no gender. It may be long, short, thick or thin, but it isn’t male or female. So, why would we charge as if it was? We want our clients to feel good about themselves when they’re in our salon. And, that goes beyond loving how their hair looks. From the moment they come to our website or call our phone number to schedule an appointment, we want them to know they are welcome here – no matter how they identify.

Our new menu will also be fairer to our clients, as well as their stylists. Consider this. Under the gender-based pay model, if a woman requested a simple buzz cut, she would have two options – be overcharged as a woman or pay the men’s rate. Is that fair? No. Similarly, a man with a more complicated hairstyle would be undercharged, unless he paid the women’s rate. And, those who identify as non-binary wouldn’t know how to budget for an appointment, because they don’t fit neatly into a single gender definition.

Our new time-based pay model eliminates the inequity and the confusion. That’s good for everyone. Here’s how it will work. Our new menu of services will break appointments down into 15-minute increments. Clients will then pay their stylist’s hourly rate to the nearest 15 minutes.

This list shows examples of our services and the length of time to complete them:

  • Bang trim (must be styled upon arrival) – 15 minutes
  • Basic clipper cut (one guard) – 30 minutes
  • Faded clipper cut (multiple guards) – 45 minutes
  • Salon cut and style (includes blow out) – 60 minutes
  • XL Salon cut and style (includes blow out for extra-long or very thick hair) – 75 minutes
  • New client haircut (consultation, styling, product knowledge, finishing cut) – 90 minutes
  • Transformation haircut (big length/style change, plus finishing cut) – 90 minutes

Every new guest must book a new client haircut for their first appointment, and our stylists will determine how to schedule appropriately for the next time. This transition is important to us. Time-based pricing is our way of inspiring change in an industry that has been bound by traditional gender roles for years. We’re proud of be part of the push to revolutionize that mentality.

If you have any questions about the change, please don’t hesitate to ask. Again, your comfort is our top priority.