Jamie has always had a passion for style and fashion from as early as high school. Her friends would line up before any date or celebration asking Jamie to fix their make-up or cut and style their hair. They knew Jamie’s flair would make them look their best and they weren’t afraid to let her know it.

When it came to deciding what she wanted to do for a living, she knew styling was her passion, but she also knew she needed the best education to achieve her goals. Her commitment to strive for nothing but the best led her to commute 45 minutes both ways to attend Paul Mitchell in Fayetteville, NC. There, her mind was opened to how she could branch out and learn many new techniques. “What I love about this career is you are free to be yourself. You can learn about extensions, colors, make-up, and carry that over to your clients. I take pride in my openness for education. I know so many stylists who reach a certain point and stay there. I love being able to introduce my clients to new styles that will work for them and I’m never afraid to try new things.”  And speaking of trying new things, Jaime has also been blessed with becoming a new mommy while being part of the Sky Parlor family! As with everything else in her life, Jaime is rocking her new role as a hard working mom and an amazing hair stylist!
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