Kat's quirky personality has been apparent since the minute she set foot in the door at Sky Parlor Salon.  Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Kat is passionate about hair and enjoys making a name for herself in the hair industry. Before finding her home at Sky Parlor, Kat worked at a blow dry bar and can really work her magic when she has a blow dryer in her hand.  She can rock a textured cut and throw in some awesome funky highlights, but is skilled to know when a low maintenance cut and style is in order.  She really likes hanging out with her cat "Chicken" (yes, let that one sink in for a minute) and loves all things Korean; from K-Pop to black bean noodles with a side beverage of Thai-Tea Boba.  Kat's perspective in the hair industry is a unique quality which adds to the well rounded dynamic at Sky Parlor Salon.
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Kat's Work