Naomi is the newest Junior Stylist at Sky Parlor Salon. She has been cutting hair since she was 5 years old, stealing the scissors when her mom left them out to "trim" her sister's bangs. She has always been insanely obsessed with hair and makeup. Around the same time she started cutting her sister's hair she would beg her mom for lipstick, despite her mother's objections to her five year old going around with bright red lips.

As she got older she learned to cut, color and style her friend's and family's hair because she felt like the stylists that were being paid to do it did not do a good enough job. Later still she chose to attend the best school she could find in the area, Aveda of Chapel Hill, to finally chase her dream of bringing out the full potential of beauty in people. It's always brought her the greatest happiness to make someone feel the best they have ever felt about themselves. In her spare time she does creative portrait photography (engagement, anniversary, family, or even costumed photo shoots).

Naomi's Work