Morgan Hulgan has had a passion for styling hair as far back as she can remember. What started off as cutting and styling her Barbie’s hair, to styling friend’s hair throughout school, led to her working as a receptionist, then shampoo and color assistant at a local beauty salon in Apex, NC. When the time came for college, her mother wanted her to become a UNC cheerleader, but instead Morgan chose the Aveda Institute in Chapel Hill in 2010 and earned her Cosmetology license. For the past 3 years, she has been able to turn her education into a thriving business, but she needed more. “I want to grow as a stylist and as a person. I want to push the envelope and give my clients whatever trendy color or style they desire. I needed someone to keep me in line with my craft, and Sky Parlor Salon is a really good place to be.”

You can spot Morgan’s open minded and easy going nature in her own hair, always a playful pink or blue—never natural. “I want my clients to know that even though I always have funky colored hair, it doesn’t mean they have to.” She caters to her clients’ visions and wants them to be confident. If a unique color or style is where they want to be, she will focus on a way to get there. She is also honest enough to explain to her clients if something may not work for them. She knows looking amazing is always the goal and if something does not work, she will find the next best thing. “I don’t want clients to feel like they can’t do something. I love styling and blow drying. Getting my hands on color is the best thing ever!” By managing expectations, she has earned the respect of her clientele and keeps them coming back for more.

Morgan enjoys working with all types of clients. She has worked with autistic children at a kid’s salon and those with special needs to develop her nurturing and compassionate technique. She understands the value of being comfortable working with anyone and her passion truly shines in the final product. If you are looking for a fantastic stylist who will go above and beyond to meet your styling expectations, set up an appointment with Morgan today by calling 919-747-9137!