Jesse Banda

L5 Master Stylist

Jesse has been trained at the Goldwell Academy in Manhattan, New York City and is proficient in his ability to formulate customizable hair color to suit every one of his clients’ needs. He spends his free time with his dog Mia and trains regularly in martial arts such as Jiu Jitsu & Judo and could even see himself being a Jiu Jitsu instructor someday.  Jesse says that his mom was the first person to suggest hair styling as a profession because of how creative he is.  Although Jesse’s favorite color is black, he is not a dark kind of guy! He wishes for a better tomorrow by reducing pollution for the planet and would love to spend his vacation times at the beach!   Jesse brings a unique perspective to his cuts and colors at Sky Parlor Salon and routinely posts his work and inspirations on Instagram!

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Jesse, Master Stylist — Sky Parlor Salon Hair Stylist